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I'm Kim Constable

A homeschooling mom of 4 who became a winning bikini competition athlete at age 37 and then a millionaire CEO one year later.


Kim Constable is a homeschooling mom of 4 who became a winning bikini competition athlete at age 37 and then a millionaire CEO one year later. From her kitchen table, with zero following or connections, Kim built The Sculpted Vegan, her vegan bodybuilding and fitness empire that has raked in millions of dollars and changed thousands of lives. With over 224K followers on Instagram and a top iTunes podcast, Kim runs her team and global businesses from her native Belfast, Ireland.


Within its first 3 years, The Sculpted Vegan turned over $4 million.

  • Kim’s following is like her plant-based muscles, not small:
    • Kim’s main Instagram account, @TheSculptedVegan: 224K+ followers
    • The Sculpted Vegan Facebook Page: 65K+ followers
  • At age 37, Kim decided to enter her first bikini competition. She won not only her first entry, she won 6 more titles in the next 2 years, including her PRO card status. The Sculpted Vegan was born out of this journey.
  • The SV signature program “The Sculpt and Shred” was the world’s first 18 month bodybuilding program for women, which shook and rocked the fitness world.
  • Kim crafted 10+ Sculpted Vegan digital programs that continuously sell and bring in more than $400K in revenue each month, as well as an online retail shop.
  • Based on demand, Kim launched a second business “The Million Dollar Mentor”, where she mentors business owners and aspiring entreprenurs how to create, run and scale their own multi-million-dollar brands.
  • The Kim Constable Podcast has more than 200K downloads per month, with more listeners joining daily, despite being less than 12 months old.

Kim has been interviewed by some of the world’s (and iTunes’) largest business and marketing podcasts, such as “Entrepreneurs on Fire” with John Lee Dumas, “The One Percent” by Ryan Daniel Moran and “Online Marketing Made Easy” with Amy Porterfield. Kim has also been featured on This Morning, Loose Women and in print in Stella Magazine (The Sunday Times) & The Irish News. Kim was also invited to speak on the TED stage and her heartfelt talk has over 280K views.

  • The global pandemic of CoVid 19 hit before the launch of Kim’s biggest program, which was set in the gym. With £100,000 on her Amex and payroll to cover, Kim stepped up and created, launched and turned around a new program in only 2 weeks, which went on to sell 2000 in the first week alone.
  • Her next program she created 4 weeks later, The 8 Week Butt Camp, sold 3000 copies in the first week and has since sold nearly 10,000 copies in only 4 months, grossing nearly $1,000,000 in revenue.
  • Kim had run multiple businesses before the success of The Sculpted Vegan & The Million Dollar Mentor, including Deyogatox (still active) and an educational business for mums.

  • Kim is known for her candid approach to both life and business. Always ready to tackle uncomfortable or taboo topics, Kim’s podcast features episodes like:
    • “I Nearly had an Abortion I Didn’t Want Because of This”
    • “I Got Shredded and Made $52K Doing This One Thing”
    • “My Boyfriend Slept with a Prostitute and it Changed My Life. Here’s How”
  • Kim and her 4 kids used to sleep in an 18-foot wide bed, known as co-sleeping. This was written about on every major parenting blog and website across the world.
  • From her video “Is Fruit Making You Fat?” to the barrage of hateful comments from men online, Kim stands strong even during visceral attacks and has an incredibly strong fan base that is loyal and constantly supportive.