Facebook Ads Training

Learn how to create Facebook Ads for your business

With the expert who has managed more than $1 billion in Facebook ad spend

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You have a growing business (or maybe just an idea for one)...

But there’s a problem:

You have no resources and no clue how to hire someone to manage your Facebook ads

Or maybe you hired someone and got burned.

They promised the earth and delivered… well, very little. You were left standing at the altar, wondering what happened to all the promises and future plans.

On top of that, the cost of starting your business is draining all your resources and you don’t have any more money to waste trying to figure it out.

You want (no, need!) to know the fastest and easiest way to get more customers for your biz.

That’s exactly why I created this Facebook Ads Training

To help entrepreneurs like you run effective ads on as little as a dollar a day

Even if...

You’re completely new to Facebook advertising

You’ve tried and failed to profitably run Facebook ads in the past

If you feel like Facebook advertising won’t work for you because your product is different, special or weird

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This LIVE and Interactive Facebook Marketing Program will teach you everything you need to know on

how to run Facebook ads profitably - on a tiny budget!

How does it work?

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Starting August 2nd 2021, Vanessa Vega, the world’s leading Facebook marketing strategist and trainer, will go live on a small group Zoom call teaching Facebook marketing, step by step.

In 16 hours of training and Q&A sessions you will learn how to:

Generate leads and grow your business

Design winning ad campaigns and measure their success

Run effective ads on just a dollar a day

Design a simple and proven framework (even if you’re a complete beginner!) to start immediately making money on Facebook

Launch a new product or program

Create advanced Facebook ad targeting to find cold audiences that convert

Write Facebook Ad copy that sells like CRAZY

The most effective way to test and scale Facebook ads

Create ads that crush the competition in 2021

This course is specifically designed for the entrepreneur who is committed to building a million dollar company and isn’t afraid to get into the trenches to do it.

In just 4 weeks of crash course learning, you’ll be so au fait with Facebook, you could start a consultancy business charging $85-150 per hour running marketing campaigns for other businesses!

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This is it, soon-to-be millionaire:


The Facebook group, a community of gritty ass go-getters who are in this mission to grow a million-dollar brand with you

16 hours of live & interactive online training with Vanessa Vega, Marketing Director of The Sculpted Vegan and one of the world’s leading Facebook ads trainers. Vanessa has personally managed over $1 billion in Facebook ad spend.

Lifetime access to the recordings and worksheets so you can work through the material at your own pace

The unbelievably small investment from you?