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By Kim Constable, The Sculpted Vegan

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And Learn How To Execute a 6-Figure Launch of Your Product or Program Online … in 168 Days (or less)

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you want to actually sell the product or program you created using the Internet, the Digital Marketing Blueprint is for you.

Last year I hosted ONE live weekly Q&A online with a group of entrepreneurs wanting to create and sell products and programs online.

I charged them $24,000 each.

I’m offering you TWICE weekly live coaching with me (Kim Constable) and my Director of Marketing and Facebook Ads GURU, Vanessa Vega, for 168 days, plus SO MUCH MORE …

For just $1997.

Why so little?

Because in 2021 more people since the dawn of time, created products to sell online.

And less than 1% of them made a profit.

This is because making money online requires you to follow a specific set of steps. A launch blueprint if you will.

Fail to follow this blueprint and you will fail to make money.

It’s really that simple.

In the Digital Marketing Blueprint, here's what's included

(and what you'll learn!)

This training is specifically designed to help you sell digital products online.

Digital products such as fitness programs, coaching packages, bread making masterclasses, … and more!

It will also help you to sell physical products online.

Physical products such as candles, sunless tanning products, baby products and apparel.

You'll discover how to:

I will also teach you how to:

But wait! There’s more…

We will also teach you how to create and run your own Facebook ad account.

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Vanessa Vega is the Director of Marketing for all my companies.

She has managed over $1 BILLION in Facebook Ad spend.

And now she’s going to teach you how to:

But who the hell am I to tell you what to do anyway?

I’m Kim Constable, Founder of The Sculpted Vegan & The Million Dollar Mentor. I only launched my first online company in 2016 by teaching myself Facebook ads from a $197 program, and investing $12,000 in ad spend on a credit card.

If the launch failed, I had no way to pay off the credit card debt.

The launch did not fail.

It made $52,000.

In my first year after this I made more than $1 MILLION.

In 4 years I’ve made $11 million in online sales.

and I launched digital programs no less than 26 times.

I’ve had massive success ($1.7 Million from ONE $97 fitness program!) and massive failure (my greatest learning came from these).

I know what works, and more importantly… WHAT DOESN’T.

I’ve helped thousands of people make money online through my mentoring programs.

But never before have I offered a step by step guide such as The Digital Marketing Blueprint.

Why do some succeed and others fail online?

Here’s what usually happens. It goes something like this:

Candy is a personal trainer.

She has great success with her one to one clients. They keep telling her that it would be epic if she had a program they could download online to follow in the times when they weren’t with her.

Hmmmm, she thinks. Maybe there is a market for this!

So Candy creates a program to sell online.

She pours her heart and soul into writing it. She records and edits videos, she crams it with all her best knowledge, she gets her best friend’s little brother to design it (he just graduated from design school).

It’s finally ready to launch!

Candy nervously watches the ad spend get charged to her card every day. She waits for sales.

A week goes by. No sales.

Does it take this long to sell? Candy gets nervous.

She messages her Facebook ads person who assures her that these things take time.

Candy wishes she knew more about ads and how they work.

2 weeks go by, and she’s made 2 sales but spent $1000 on ads. She’s $806.00 in the red just from ad spend. She can’t afford to lose that much money.

She obsessively checks her email every hour to see if there are any more sales.

She gets worried.

She stops the ads.

The Facebook ads person sends their bill. It’s $1000 to set up and run the ads that lost her $806.00.

Candy asks, what went wrong?

The Facebook ads guy tells her that it’s just the wrong time. People aren’t buying because it’s the wrong month.

(Truth is, he doesn’t know because he’s not actually making money online himself. He knows the TECHNICAL side of setting up the ads, but he knows nothing about actual MARKETING.)

Candy goes back to training her clients one to one.

She has to work extra hours to pay off the debt she accumulated through her failed attempts to launch online.

She can’t afford to try again, so she gives up on her dream of making money online.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be!

For the first time in history…

Let me show you how to have a 6 figure online launch!

Enroll today in Digital Marketing Blueprint, and you’ll get all this:

Phase 1

The Online Sales System

March 21 - April 17 2022

4 weeks

The Online Sales System

In twice weekly live masterclasses, Kim Constable will teach the specific steps you MUST take before you even think of spending one dime on Facebook ads.  This is the blueprint Kim’s company uses every single time they launch.  Digest & apply what you’ve learned, then ask Kim questions in the Phase 1 live Q&A every Wednesday.

Phase 2

Study Break

April 18 - May 1

2 weeks

Phase 1 will be followed by a 2 week study break, where you will have the opportunity to implement everything that was taught. During this time, Kim, Vanessa and her team of experts will be available inside the private Facebook Groups daily, to help & advise.

Phase 3

The Facebook Marketing System

May 2 - July 3

8 weeks

After the 2 week break, Vanessa Vega will teach Facebook Marketing twice a week for 8 weeks. She will teach step by step how to create Facebook ad accounts, upload ads, build custom audiences and everything in between. Kim will jump in where needed to provide more clarity around sales, ad copy, headlines and graphics. Vanessa will also host a live Q&A every Wednesday during Phase 3.

Phase 4

The Implementation Phase

July 4 - September 25

12 weeks

The Facebook Marketing System

This phase is where you will do the bulk of the work. We don’t want you just to learn, we want you to DO. By the middle of September 2022, you will be ready to set live your first Facebook ads and launch (or relaunch) your program or product. Ask questions during the weekly Facebook live Q&A in the group hosted by Kim, Vanessa and their team of industry experts, and write posts so that our team can help.

This is the only program that exists in the world, where you can plan, implement and execute your launch in 168 days, with me and my team holding your hand the entire time

You’ll never again have to wonder… am I doing it right?

"Thank you Kim Constable for an amazing 6 months. You gave me the confidence to walk away from a £30k sale as my gut was telling me it was not right for me. We took your advise & invested in FB ads & tripled our spend 🙌 I’ve connected with so many MDM members & know we will be remain friends now MDM is coming to an end. Wishing you all every success ❤️"
Lynsey Bennett
"The biggest thing I have gotten from listening to our fearless leader is to believe in myself and to let my freak flag fly. I have stepped into my truest genuine self and I am now genuinely excited when I get a troll, hater or negative comment because that means I am out there and being noticed and that I am truly making waves in the world. But the best part for me is I finally get it. I now have a money making machine. I have a system. I understand and get how it works. I also have the belief in myself to invest because I know that $4 spent makes me $7-8 and I know what I need to work on to make that $9 or 10! So again, my dearest friend, thank you for giving me back hope, courage and also belief in my kick ass self to aim for true Girl Power and show the world that women can be millionaire business women just being themselves!! "
Lisa Barwise
"Thank you Kim for the coaching. Love listening to you and learning. Nice to be in the company of such powerful individuals. Lots of love Eilish 💞"
Eilish Roche
"This mentorship far surpassed my expectations. Actually, I didn't expect anything other than what Kim promised, and Kim Constable you over-delivered, as always. I am so grateful for you! I have lots of catching up to do and info to devour."
Cheri Skaggs

Are you ready to commit to your first (or next) 6-figure launch?

We have 3 options for you to choose from:

Option 1

Silver Package

Option 2

Gold Package

Option 3

Platinum Package

(only 20 spots available)

*This is the fastest and most efficient way to your first, or next, 6-figure launch.

What’s the investment?


Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments



Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments



Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments


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You’re skeptical? You have every right to be

But remember this…

There’s no other business coach in the world that has my experience and success, launching online.

In fact, I’m not even a business coach, I’m a business woman.

I don’t teach, I execute.

So let me try to convince you with some stories from one of my own businesses.

The Fastest Launch

The fastest launch we ever did was The Jailhouse Shred at the height of the pandemic.  

We went from idea to launch in under 2 weeks.

We made $230,000 in the first week.  It cost $97.00.

The Easiest Launch

I had an idea to offer a 3 hour masterclass on vegan meal planning.  1000 people joined and paid $97.

I made $100,000 for 3 hours of work

The Most Lucrative Launch

I ran a free 5 day challenge and sold a fitness program at the end.  

We made $1.2 MILLION.

The “See a Need and Fill it” launch

I noticed that women were becoming obsessed with bigger glutes so I created The 8 Week Butt Camp.

We have launched and re-launched it 5 times.

It’s made more than $1.8 MILLION.

I have perfected the art of making money FAST and efficiently.

And for the first time ever, I’ve blueprinted my formula so you too, can have my success!

Excited, but have a question?

A: Yes, I spend nearly 8 hours on my phone everyday because I am so obsessed with being active in my groups. I love nothing more than pouring out advice and support – and I am doing this for 6 months so I can be hyper-focused and give constant recommendations, love and support to each member of this group.

A: This is really for the serious people who are ready to do what it takes to build a business that changes lives. When I give next steps they are going to step up and take them vs. only back down in fear or excuses. This is for the go-getters, the gritty ones, those who’ll put their ass to the grass to scale a million-dollar business that changes lives.

A: No, you don’t have to. What you need is an idea, a fire within you, a readiness to buckle down and do the work. This is not a group for those who’ll make excuses but work their ass off, overcome mental blocks and do what it takes. 

A: I am going to share exactly what has worked for me, which is unlike anything else in the world. These methods have scaled my business from zero to $4 million in under 3 years and I will share examples and screenshots to prove it. This is a totally new way of thinking about business and if/when you do hit roadblocks or have struggles, post in the group – I and my team will respond to you personally!

A: This will work for any business.  Whether you are an online course creator, service provider, a trainer, brick & mortar, the principles in how I create an offer, market and sell it are all foundational for all of it.

A: No, this isn’t a long course you have to sit down and take endless notes on. This is lots of LIVE coaching and training that is created based on all your questions in the group. When several people ask about FB ads, we’ll talk ads. When you all ask about copywriting, I’m bringing on my copywriter to answer  your specific questions. 

You’ll have access to all the recordings if you can’t make them live.  We will create a library that’s been tailored to you and this specific, exclusive group.

A: This mentorship will be hosted via a private Facebook community. It’s the most convenient way to interact with both me and the other team members!

A: After you submit your payment details, you’ll be forwarded to the new member welcome email. This will include a link to join the Private Facebook Group.  Once you have applied to join, our team checks your name against your purchase and admits you entry to the group.

A: That is no problem! We know that with members all over the world in different timezones, you may not always be able to join live.  Watch the replay. Comment with thoughts or questions on that video, and you’ll get a reply and answers back!

A: Absolutely! Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

If you’re ready to stop playing small, and do what actually works…


Choose the option that suits your level of commitment:

Option 1

Silver Package

Option 2

Gold Package

Option 3

Platinum Package

(only 20 spots available)

*This is the fastest and most efficient way to your first, or next, 6-figure launch.

What’s the investment?


Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments



Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments



Pay in Full


Pay in 12 monthly installments


Have a question or want to talk to someone in person?

Simply click here and send your name, email and telephone number and one of the team will call you.